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Potholes, construction, and detours can all make for hard driving. These conditions are the ones that can cause issues with your shocks and struts. If you want a smooth ride, then let the auto mechanics at the Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center in Brunswick use the newest technology to evaluate the condition of these critical parts. Consider these facts about your shock and strut systems.

Rad Air Shocks

  • Shocks and struts are emergency workers. Not only are accidents frequently caused by shock and strut failure, the shocks and struts are helper systems for your brakes, allowing you to make quick stops and turns without your car going out of control.

  • An important role. Shocks and struts allow your car to take on force without bending the frame. That’s an important job! You will know if you need new shocks and struts if your ride gets rough or you feel too many bumps in the road when you didn’t before.

  • Shocks and struts take the stress. Shocks and struts not only smooth out your ride, but they accept the jolts of rough roads which prevents issues with damaging your frame. Located near the axels, shocks and struts prevent the frame from twisting, saving you thousands in damage to your car.

  • Component parts make up today’s shocks and struts. Instead of having to completely replace the entire shock and strut assembly, many times just the component that is in need of repair can be changed, saving you time and money.

There is no reason to deal with a rough ride. If you bring your car to the Brunswick location of the Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center, our car care specialists will discuss your service options. Call today for a convenient appointment!

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