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Heating and cooling are the car systems that keep you comfortable no matter the weather. It is so nice to get into a warm car and to enjoy air conditioning in the humid summer months. You may have only thought about the heating and cooling your car provides only when your own car’s heat or cooling isn’t working. Here’s how your car creates heat to keep you toasty and air conditioning to keep you cool:

Rad Air Heating and Cooling

  • The car supplies the power. Everything in your car is a self-contained system, including the heating and cooling.

  • The heat comes from the engine. With pistons firing, your car has more heat than it can use. According to the experts at the Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center located in Brunswick, your car uses that heat to keep you warm. Heat is moved from the engine and pushed into the passenger cabin using a small fan.

  • Cooling is provided from a small coolant system. Refreshing cool air is created by pushing air over cooled coils and then sent through the vents.

  • Heating and cooling is more than just comfort. With frigid days and steamy nights, heat and air conditioning is more than just a way to keep from freezing or overheating. With a properly functioning heating and cooling system, your defroster will work efficiently.

You don’t have to suffer with issues with your car’s heating and cooling systems. The mechanics at the Brunswick Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center can help you to understand what problems you may be experiencing and recommend a solution. We’ll help you to stay comfortable no matter the weather!

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