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  • Manager Spotlight: Dave George

    Posted on: March 18th, 2019 by radair-admin No Comments

    Dave George is a fixture with Rad Air. But even after 19 years, he’s still learning every day! 19 years ago, Dave George began working as the manager of the Rad Air location in Garfield, and he’s been a neighborhood car care expert ever since. Many things have changed with vehicles over the years, but […]

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  • 5 Signs You’re Having Valve Train Issues

    Posted on: February 11th, 2019 by radair-admin No Comments

    The valve train isn’t an engine item that lay people throw around all the time, but it can often be responsible for some of the most common noise and knocks that drive car owners into neighborhood car care centers. Simply put, the valve train is the mechanism that causes the valves of your engine to […]

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  • This Odometer Says 539,600 Miles, and It’s Not Photoshopped!

    Posted on: February 4th, 2019 by radair-admin No Comments

    Raise your hand if your car has 100,000 miles.  Keep it raised if you have 200,000 miles. Keep it up for 300,000 miles. By this point, most of you have lowered your hands, and if we were sitting in the same room, you’d be looking around to see who’s left. If you had all of Manager […]

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  • How to Prevent Rust

    Posted on: January 21st, 2019 by radair-admin No Comments

    There are few things more disappointing than seeing that first spot of rust on your beloved vehicle. Your car was a large investment, and you tried to keep it nice for as long as you could. Unfortunately, the Northeast Ohio winters that brought the icy (and then brine/salt-covered) roads got the best of your vehicle. […]

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  • What Is Antifreeze?

    Posted on: January 7th, 2019 by radair-admin No Comments

    It’s freezing in Cleveland in the winter. It’s not comfortable for you and it’s not comfortable for your car, truck or any vehicle if you don’t take care of it properly. Part of the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle for winter (and all of the other seasons) is ensuring that your car has the […]

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  • Is It Time for Me to Get a Car Alignment?

    Posted on: December 20th, 2018 by radair-admin No Comments

    Cleveland’s potholes are notorious, so much so that we wrote about them around Halloween and described them as pothole monsters. They get hungrier and hungrier in the wintertime and the salt we use to make roads safer to traverse eats through the concrete and makes holes big enough to swallow your car. So how do […]

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  • My Car Won’t Start, and There’s a Clicking Noise. HELP!

    Posted on: December 17th, 2018 by radair-admin No Comments

    It’s a dreadful feeling. It’s one of those cold Ohio winter mornings, and you need to get from your house in Strongsville to Downtown Cleveland for work. You go out a few minutes early so you can heat up the car while you are scraping that thin layer of ice off of the windshield. You […]

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  • How Do I Get My Vehicle Ready for an E-Check?

    Posted on: December 10th, 2018 by radair-admin No Comments

    The E-Check program strikes fear in the hearts of many Ohio motorists who don’t have a lot of confidence in their vehicle. The program checks emissions on vehicles that are between 4 and 25 years old. Classic vehicles, motorcycles and RVs are among the vehicles that have permanent exceptions to testing, but all other vehicles are […]

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  • 4 Resolutions to Help You Save Gas Money in 2019

    Posted on: December 3rd, 2018 by radair-admin No Comments

    New year, new you, right? It’s that time again. Yes, the time where millions of Americans will watch the ball drop and then scramble to write down New Year’s resolutions that will surely be broken by February. In fact, 80% of all New Year’s resolutions will be broken by February (Business Insider). We’re good at […]

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  • Do I Have to Go to the Dealership for an Oil Change?

    Posted on: November 20th, 2018 by radair-admin No Comments

    If I see someone besides my dealer for an oil change, is it going to void my warranty? It’s a question that comes up often in the oil change business. The answer is, of course, no. As long as you keep the receipt and can prove that you’ve been keeping up with scheduled maintenance, you […]

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