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  • Can Weather Changes Affect My Car?

    Posted on: October 25th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    As the weather begins to cool down, we start pulling out our coats, scarves, and mittens to keep warm. We may not remember, however, that as much as the cooler weather affects us, it also affects our cars. Snow, ice, frost, and cold temperatures can all cause issues to our vehicles if we aren’t mindful […]

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  • 6 Ways to Protect Your Car Without a Garage

    Posted on: October 12th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    The environment, and particularly the inclement weather in the Greater Cleveland region, can be damaging to automobiles when they are stored outside. If you do not have access to a carport or a garage to store your vehicle, you must find other ways of protecting your car. Here are a few techniques you can use […]

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  • What If I Never Changed the Oil In My Car?

    Posted on: October 6th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    Many of us are guilty of putting it off: getting a timely oil change. It’s probably because we don’t noticeably see any effects from not bringing the car in for an extra couple miles… days… months. The reality is not getting your car’s oil changed can lead to a variety of different auto problems, the […]

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  • Tips for Washing Your Car

    Posted on: September 22nd, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    The end of summer can only mean one thing — yes, the months of caked dirt from muddy picnics and sand smudges from beach trips need to get washed away as you prep your car for the autumn months here in Northeast Ohio. Ever wondered if there’s a right or a wrong way to get […]

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  • 5 Fall Maintenance Musts for Your Vehicle

    Posted on: August 16th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    During a typical winter in Northeast Ohio, freezing temperatures and heavy snow fall increase wear and tear on your vehicle, which works hard to transport you safely through rough weather conditions. While you may not be thinking about this in the heat of August, now is the time to schedule a fall visit to your […]

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  • What Belongs in a Car Emergency Kit?

    Posted on: August 8th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    Whenever we set out on a drive, whether it is our normal commute to work or a long trek to a vacation destination, there is always the possibility of an emergency situation. Emergencies could range from being stuck for hours in a long traffic jam to being stranded during a severe snow storm. While these […]

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  • 3 Signs Your Car’s A/C Is Going Out

    Posted on: July 28th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    It is hot and muggy on your walk to your vehicle, and you cannot wait to feel the cold burst of air from your car’s A/C system. You start the ignition, turn up the A/C and… that cold air never comes. Your car’s A/C system has failed and now you’re stuck in the heat of […]

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  • Why Did My Car Fail E-Check?

    Posted on: July 21st, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    In Northeast Ohio, if your vehicle is a certain make, model and year, your vehicle may be required to undergo an E-Check, in accordance with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. E-Check is a vehicle inspection that was created in an effort to reduce the volume of motor vehicle pollutants in the air. That means if […]

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  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool on a Hot Summer Day

    Posted on: June 5th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    You may love summer, but we bet you do not enjoy getting into a car that is stiflingly hot and stuffy! So how can you keep your car cool on those hot summer days? These tips may help: Park in the shade. If at all possible, try to find a shady spot. While you may […]

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  • 3 Signs Your Car’s Brakes Need Repaired

    Posted on: May 27th, 2016 by radair-admin No Comments

    How do you know if your brakes need repaired? The short answer is, when your car’s brakes are not functioning well, you will know. There are some common signs of failing brakes that shouldn’t be ignored. If you notice any of these signs, make an appointment at your local Rad Air auto repair shop immediately to […]

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